Best Yuri Movies Part 2

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I posted this a lot sooner than expected. Why? Because I'll be extremely busy with work this week and I may forget about it. hehehe

Anyway, here's part 2 of the best yuri movies I've seen so far. Not all of them has a happy ending though but the stories are good. Please note, I'm starting with Asian films (non-english). Once I ran out, I'll start with English films.

Butterfly [Hu Die] (Hong Kong)

Out of the 4 I listed today, this is my favorite. It has a good ending too :)

Plot: Flavia is a thirtysomething married teacher. She has suppressed the memory of her adolescent lesbian fling with Jin and is stuck in a stifling marriage. A chance encounter in a supermarket with the playful and seductive singer Yip reawakens dormant feelings and she begins to think back on her teenage affair with Jin.

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Spider Lilies (Taiwan)

Plot: Takeko keeps a framed design of the spider lily flower on the wall of her tattoo parlor. The design was literally cut from the flesh of her father, after he was crushed to death in an earthquake. The image of thespider lily tattoo is the last cohesive memory of Takeko\’s traumatized brother, Ching, who is no longer able to recognize anyone, including his sister. Takeko has the same tattoo of the poisonous flower on her body in the hope of helping Ching remember and bridging the gap between them.

Webcam girl Jade visits Takeko\’s tattoo parlor, looking for sexy decoration to excite her clientele. Entranced by the tattoo of the spider lily on the wall, Jade gives Takeko her business card and invites her to visit her on her website where she professes her love for the tattoo artist. Finally, jade asks takeko to give her the same spider lily tattoo to bring her closer to the object of her desire.

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Memento Mori (Korean Horror Movie)

Plot: Min-Ah finds a strange diary, capable of arousing hallucinations, kept by two of her senior fellow-students, Hyo-Shin and Shi-Eun, who seem to have an unusually close bond. But Hyo-Shin suddenly kills herself, for no obvious reason, and the entire school is shocked and depressed. Min-Ah, however, starts to feel different. It's almost as if she's somehow possessed by the dead girl.

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Note: Mature Content!

The Chinese Botanist's Daughters (Chinese)

Plot: Min Li, a trainee botanist is taken in by An’s father. In such a beautiful, but lonely setting where the two are treated badly by the few men they communicate with, the women form a bond which quickly turns to unspeakable love. In a swirl of forbidden passion, love and opiate-induced intoxication they find themselves confronted with a society who will not accept same-sex love, a crime punishable by death.

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